Senior year is just full of stresssssss. I badly want to graduate and go to college already but I’m also not ready yet. I’m not ready to leave my friends and my childhood. Time goes by too fast just like how my first pup was just as big as my hand now I can’t carry her with just one hand anymore. Do I go to college in Australia or U.S.? or maybe just stay here in the Philippines. My parents told me to take this entrance exam in this school that I thought they didn’t like but I wanted to take an exam there too because my crush studies there, but I probably won’t study there anyways.

I’m planning on taking architecture but I can’t draw to save my life. If I stay here in the Philippines and take architecture here it won’t be that hard since I do know how to wing my way out of the drawing stuff but if I study in Australia or U.S. that’s something else. 

I am the only one, but I am one. Some quote a professor said in the video we watched in Filipino class last Friday. 

I’m probably going to blog next about the book I’m reading which is “The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight”. A must read!

Peace mwahugz


By lifeisareverie

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