My very first

A picture to compensate for the suckiness of my blog. I’ve been planning on making a blog for weeks now and I finally had the time to create one. I wanted to create a blog because when times get rough the only way to release my stress is through writing and I’m really not into diaries. I lost all 5 of my diaries, I really hope no one found them. Another reason for making this blog isssss I’m into joining giveaways and most requires posting their giveaway on my blog and I don’t really want to do that on my personal tumblr because well I don’t want my friends following me there to think I’m that poor. LOL. Lastly, I just want to blog about the things I love ie. clothes, movies, beauty stuff, books. I’m sorry to say tho that this blog will suck and will be full of rants rants rants.

Peace mwahugz,


By lifeisareverie

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