Cramming at its best

It’s almost 12 am and there’s school tomorrow, I know that’s not really a big deal but for me it kinda is. I LOVE to sleep but when I have the time to do so It’s like everything starts to be so interesting. I’m so disappointed at myself and frustrated, we had like almost a week off from school including weekends and still I ended up cramming. I’m so freaking stupid. Now I have to endure the consequences of my actions. 

Anyways, unrelated to my title, my parents just talked to me about my college course again. My dad actually. He is again doing what he does best, trying to manipulate and rule someone else’s life. I am so damn pissed at how he just want eveyrthing to go his way. But unlike my brother I am not the person he can easily get his way with. I’m the bratty, spoiled, black sheep in the family, and I’m kind of grateful for that. RIGHT NOW. I am not completely happy about those characteristics of mine but if I don’t have those and I just let them rule my life, what happens to me then? 

I just hope whatever my decision may be it would be the right one. I don’t want to waste time and money and I clearly don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Anyways I’d be hopefully posting a blog about the show awkward or something related to it and TVD. Or anything I am currently obsessing on. 



By lifeisareverie

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