This is totally ridiculous, shallow, and stupid. There are a hell lot of bigger stuff than what I’m about to talk about but I have no one to judge me anyways.

First off, last Wednesday I started watching Vampire Diaries season 1 for the nth time and I’m now done with the 3rd season. After doing that awesome thang I went on tumblr and went on the #TVD tag cause that’s what fans do. There’s just so many FEELS. October 11 come closer!

I honestly think what Damon said to Elena in 2×03: “You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks.” is for real in so many ways. I think we can say that it’s not only the way Elena manipulated Damon at that time but also with their relationship with both brothers. IT IS BOTH CONFUSING.

At first I thought Datherine was true love and that Katherine just won’t admit that she’s in love with Damon cause like she said: “I don’t let love get in the way.” I searched on it in tumblr and saw some post that Datherine is a “tragic love story.” They say that Katherine truly love Damon more, exemplified by how she didn’t compel him cause she trusted him and the look she has whenever she’s with Damon and how she would constantly pick on him to tick him off. At first I was on the same team and then when I started watching vampire diaries again Katherine’s love for Stefan is much more obvious. See how Katherine smiled at the memory of her and Stefan kissing. I also think that Katherine compeled Stefan because she loves him too much to lose him and that she doesn’t want him scared of her. You could also see how Stefan was able to catch her off guard by pretending that she still affects him. I think both love is one sided. Katherine loves both brothers but is only in love with Stefan but Stefan doesn’t love her back not anymore. While Damon used to be head over heels in love with Katherine while she wasn’t. Then comes the episodes where Katherine started showing affection towards Damon. The way she would warn him and help him. Also when Damon was dying because of a wolf bite Katherine apologized for the first time ever, not even to Stefan. She apologized to Damon. That shows a lot. But then again there’s her love for Stefan. Jeez I can’t. So much feels but that’s not even all of it I mean my emotions towards Delena is just billion level higher.

So now I have no idea who I ship but I will not falter when it comes to Delena.

By lifeisareverie

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