Own your room

I’ve been going around malls and the internet to get some ideas for the renovation of my room, and honestly it’s so hard. It gave me so many ideas I can’t put them into one room. I want a walk in closet but my room obviously can’t afford it unless I switch rooms with my brother, whom does not deserve and need that much space. 

Being a bookworm, a humongous bookshelf is a must. Same goes with a workspace. Maybe the walk in closet can happen once I’m old enough and independent enough to live on my own. 

Fortunately though, I was able to find an awesome interior designer online and she offers free designing! As long as you win her contest of course. She’s so good, like you’ll get all choked up, and speechless once you see the designs she’s done with some of the winners. I’m no doubt going to join her contest. She’s uh-mahzing so check her out here:

http://www.youtube.com/user/robesondesignstudios and here http://www.youtube.com/user/robesondesign

Here’s a video of her doing a makeover for a winner

So I’ve been ditching homework and what not cause I love watching and rewatching (I’m not sure if there’s such a word) her makeovers. 

I might just be posting some room pictures because I’m obsessed with them on my next post. 

loves to ya’ll!