Vampire Diaries

I just want to say delena is endgame.

I seriously love them both offscreen (nian) and onscreen. Their chemistry is just, i don’t have any adjective to describe it. I bet their babies would  be so gorgeous. I mean look at Ian! LOOK AT NINA. Total girl crush. I am trying my best to not talk about Ian Somerhalder’s perfectness. MOVING ON….

I can’t wait for season 4 to start! Unfortunately it will air on October 11. Still a month away.

At the first few minutes of TVD season 1 episode 1 I thought I’ll hate it cause I wasn’t really into Stefan. I thought it would be just like twilight and I didn’t know which was more cheesy then, but Damon appeared and everything changed. I think Stefan and Elena’s love is true, they do love each other. I’m just not sure if Elena is in love with him as much as she thinks she is or wants that she is. It is possible to love two guys but you can’t truly be in love with both. Perfect is not what one should look for in a guy or relationship but instead the right one. Damon is certainly not the perfect guy nor will the relationship be perfect with him but he has the capability to be the right one. Stefan is perfect, he will protect Elena, let her decide for herself, and he makes her happy. While Damon makes her nervous, happy (occasionally cause Elena hides her emotions when she’s with Damon), worried, angry, he surprises her, and he would risk their relationship to save Elena from anything and everything. But why worry about who ends up with who anyways, we could all use our imaginations and build our own TVD.

I want Damon to find another love interest, not to make Elena jealous but because he really doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Elena treats him. Elena doesn’t deserve Stefan either. So I guess Delena isn’t really endgame neither is Stelena.

I love Alaric and Jenna though. ❤

TVD will air a few days after my SAT, best reward and stress release ever.

xx Peace


P.S. Ian is beyond perfection.