Team Jake or Team Matty?

Honestly, I’m team no one not even Team Jenna. The way she thinks is so fucked up really or it’s just me. It’s probably just me. I don’t hate her I just really hate her decisions and actions. 

Matty and Jenna has no chemistry what so ever. Did they even screen tested them? From the moment the show started Matty and Jenna just looked so off. Jake however is a different story. They have chemistry they look adorable together to adorable it looks like that relationship you know won’t work but you hope it will cause it’s just so picture perfect. 

BUT then again that’s how it really is in highschool. Most couples look so off and fake but what can you do? We, teenagers, are all naive. We think and feel like we know it all or that we know more than most people like us do. Truth is, we don’t. We know it but we don’t want to accept it. Anyways, that’s so unrelated to my topic. 

I think Awkward is somehow a good rendition of what happens in highschool. All those imprefection, drama (although we don’t have most of the dramas they have in our highschool) etc makes it kind of appropriate. 

Next post will be about TVD/The vampire diaries. CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 4. KMN.

xx Peace